December at Freshly Cut florist in Berkeley CA

What can I say, we love to shop and it shows. Every week the flower shop gets a makeover and new items are added to our ever changing show of flowers.

Freshly Cut is a beautiful flower shop with not only the best flower selection in Berkeley but is also well stocked with greeting cards, candles, an array of glass, ceramic, and metal containers both new and vintage. Whether it is an Estate Sale, museum sale or an occasional thrift store adventure, we are always on the prowl for a great treasure to add to the store. Even New York gift shows are not too far to travel, we love to shop.

A large botanical print hangs on the wall in the flower shop behind yellow pincushion proteas, amaranth, sandersonia and tall arching grape vines. A colorful selection of candles on display in the store. A flower shop of vintage collectables, like this brown transferware plate and cast iron maiden mixed with flowers and gifts.
A selection of Champagne flutes in the window. Color coordinated candles, vases and ceramics are displayed with a selection of glasses and phalaenopsis orchids. Bud vases on display with a barbershop mirror.
A fall display in the flower shop of Holiday cards and birch logs. One of our Freshly Cut postcards with an image of birds and berries from a vintage hand painted Italian tray. A beautiful flower arrangement being delivered to Oakland with checkered lily fritillaria, peonies, lilies and eucalyptus pods.

Best Berkeley Flower Shop

Every Wednesday and Friday morning I arrive at the flower shop with a van full of flowers that I could not possibly live without. The anticipation of setting the shop up begins–put these in this, move those over there and I love that color with that color. And so it goes until we stand back and heave a big sigh of happiness. When we open the store we love to hear our customers give the same sigh of happiness when they walk in. I want them to experience what this is all about, the beauty of the season.


A green rectangular ceramic container with pale pink hyacinth. Antique hammered silver pitcher and vintage rose tinted aperitif glasses. A table top display of wildflower tea towels and ceramics as you enter the store.
Wonderful peonies in turquoise vintage Bauer ceramic vase. The bench outside the store holds wedding centerpieces of pincushion proteas, gerbera daisies, scabiosa, tulips and roses. Three different vintage glass vases on a shelf at Freshly Cut.
Aletha Soule ceramic pitcher and vase in yellow with foxy mugs. Hand made card on display with votives, candle stick and a brass pig storage box. Window floral display at Freshly Cut with peonies, orange garden roses, orange calla lilies and gold lilies.

I love the Northbrae neighborhood the flower shop is in. All of the businesses are selling the freshest of whatever they are selling. Whether it’s the freshest fish of the day, the smell of warm coffee beans from the roaster, cheese sliced from the huge wheel or produce from the Central Valley—we all aspire to be the best at what we do.

Vase case features our selection of Bauer Pottery at Freshly Cut.

Bauer Pottery

We carry modern versions of the classic in an array of styles and colors. Our selection of Bauer Pottery changes with the seasons and always looks great with flowers. Our Fall selection starts with a Chartreuse Madagascar vase surrounded by a selection of Ringware vases, Soirée glasses and locally made tea towels.

Freshly Cut is a magical place you can walk into and ask on a whim for a child’s wrist corsage and walk out with a delightful cluster of white flowers and kumquats that looks like it came from fairy land but costs the same amount as the plastic birthday present you would have otherwise bought. It’s also the place you can get stunning centerpieces and from which you can send amazing bouquets at any price range.

They also stock seasonal knick knacks and great taper candles. The best part is the extremely talented team who work well together to make creative, unusual and stunning arrangements. You simply can’t go wrong.   Yelp

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A natural garland of orange abution, green hellebore and ruscus greenery.

1301 California Street
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Every season has it’s bounty and we will notify you when it arrives.

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