Seasonal Blooms

One of the wonderful things about what I do are the Seasons. They always change as flowers come into bloom and flowers finish blooming. And every Season has it’s bounty filled with color, texture and ooh la la. I love it.

A flower lover’s florist

A beautiful centerpiece of deep red peonies, clematis, hydrangea and hellebore in a gold metal urn.


Lilac color delphinium and hydrangeas mixed with burgundy dahlias and scabiosa with green rose hips and blue berries in a silver metal container.

I’m always grateful we have a pretty cool summer here in Berkeley. It does not stop us from enjoying all the warm climate Summer Annuals and Perennials. We still have a lot of lingering peonies through June and July, and combining them with clematis, garden roses and hydrangeas is a dream come true.

Fragrant garden lilies, foxtail lilies and giant purple alliums can create a tall, impressive arrangement for a wedding, mitzvah, or any entry to an event. And August brings out the dahlias, rudbeckias, more garden roses, Queen Anne’s lace, Lysimachia, gomphrena, zinnias and cosmos in white, pink, burgundy and chocolate brown with a scent of vanilla.

Early summer flower arrangement with pink hebe, Peruvian pineapple and dark artichokes mixed with lupine.

Summer Flowers

Summer flowers include cosmos, delphinium, hydrangeas, viburnum berries, scabiosa, geum, gaillardia, columbine and Plox.

A beautiful flower arrangement ready for delivery combines a colorful mix of dahlias, zinnias, roses and Ranunculus. Sunflowers, dahlias and gerberas daisies are combined in this lovely Summer flower arrangement in a glass vase. A beautiful centerpiece with Iceberg roses mixed with white peonies and pastel dahlias. Beautiful hand tied bridal bouquet of David Austin roses in soft, warm colors mixed with sweet peas and PG hydrangea tied with a silk ribbon. An assortment of flower shears after a busy holiday. A table top full of little centerpieces of Summer blooms; including yellow tulips, orange poppies and red Ranunculus with green hydrangea for a bridal shower.
Assorted dahlia's in a glass vase


Flower arrangement with steel blue color hydrangeas, orange dahlias, yellow and deep red roses, burgundy amaranth, bursts of yellow fennel and abelia foliage in a decorative ceramic container.

The flowers of Fall create a bold pallet of harvest tones that have matured as the season ends. You'll find deep shades of rose, burgundy, blues and purple hydrangea, dahlias galore in every color imaginable and roses just as lovely as the first flush of Spring, plus their hips begin to turn color.

You can’t have Fall without the last of the zinnias with their happy faces reaching up, and mixing them with privet berries and bitter sweet for a beautiful Fall flower arrangement. Fall is also the time for foliage; viburnum, pistachio, California natve Oak, abelia and crepe myrtle are all turning color.

A beautiful Fall flower arrangement with bright two tone dahlias mixed with hydrangea, poke berries and a bit of Queen Anne’s Lace.

Fall Flowers

Dahlias, gaillardia, scabiosa, hydrangeas, lisianthus, Queen Anne’s Lace, closnria, bunny grass tails, berries, bella donna delphinium, Salvia, amaranth, celosia, peonies and Fall foliage.

A centerpiece of two tone sunflowers, gold ranunculus, carmel roses, small jazzy zinnias with poke berries spilling over the edge. Crimson peonies are simply arranged with eucalyptus and a few lilies in this festive flower arrangement for delivery. Broccoli hydrangea and chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace on display in this flower arrangement. Green hydrangea and Queen Anne’s Lase. Coral peonies in a clear glass vase. Dahlias mixed with yarrow and roses happily arranged.
Orange parrot tulips in a green Aletha Soule ceramic vase.


Early liliac from Holland mixed with shades of lavender blush anemones, and muted shades of pale peonies and hydrangeas complete this beautiful Winter flower arrangement.

In the Bay Area we have two sides of Winter. There is the side we all expect, bare branches with little nodes of promise — pussy willows and hellebore for instance poking their heads up through the leaves toward the sun, always a Winter favorite.

The other side of Winter is a complete array of Spring blooming flowers. These flowers and bulbs were planted early, grown in greenhouses and forced into bloom to bring us cheer on the shortest of days.

Winter brings the bounty of Spring everytime I go to the flower market.
This large flower arrangement is the essence of late Winter flowers and includes a mix of white spirea and alliums, green snowball viburnum, green euphorbia, Daffodils, yellow tulips and orange Icelandic poppies.

Winter Flowers

Flowers, bulbs and branches including kale, Erynguim, tulips, hyacinth, Iceland poppies, spirea, forsythia, amaryllis, quince, narcissus, many flowering branches, kumquats, lemons and limes on short branches and snowball viburnum.

Flowering Plum branches, tulips, anemones and hydrangea complete this February flower arrangement. A light and airy Winter flower arrangement of Australian bells, Ranunculus and scabiosa grace this living room. Flowering Plum branches mixed with cut white dendrobium orchids, tulips and umbrella fern grace the edges of this large stand flower arrangement. White anemones combined with coral pink roses and small hydrangea complete this Winter flower arrangement. Large stand flower arrangement features Quince with cut Phalaenopsis orchids in a tall ceramic container. Wild and full of life with white clematis, Icelandic poppies and David Austin roses to make a Winter floral statement.
Small footed silver compote with peonies, hydrangea, hellebore, viburnum berries and single petal roses is the perfect centerpiece for any ocassion.


California grown lilac mixed with white peonies create a fabulous flower arrangement just in time for Spring.

Spring is everybody’s favorite season as it should be. We are so spoiled here, with a relatively tame Winter, Spring seems to come early. Plum and Quince blossoms are the first to arrive with a profusion of pink, coral and white petals everywhere.

Then Cherry branches, Peach branches, forsythia and Almond, followed by my favorite, Dogwood. But wait, I almost forgot the two stars of Spring, drum roll please...lilacs and peonies. They may not compare to the East Coast but they are always a welcome site.

A beautiful centerpiece just right for the table with peonies, roses, hellebore, blackberries and previt in a rectangular container.

Spring Flowers

Spring is every bulb posible, liliacs, sweet peas, ranunculus, canterbury bells, bearded iris, foxglove, spirea, Lilies of the Valley, peonies, peonies and peonies.

Spring is welcomed by white Hawrhorne branches and blue delphinium mixed with Iceberg roses and a beautiful shade of blue hydrangea complete this flower arrangement. This garden setting features the flowers of May, with white lilacs, yellow ranunculus, lavender sweet peas and a little geranium foliage to grace this Spring flower arrangement. White and coral peonies are mixed with golden roses for a beautiful floral expression. This deep and moody flower arrangement combines lavender and purple parrot tulips with green hellebore, blue hyacinth and Ranunculus in purple and green. May lilac mixed with sweet peas, tulips and peonies is a favorite flower combination for Spring. A mercury glass compote filled with Lily of the Valley, blue Belladonna delphinium and blue hydrangeas.
A bunch of miniature green pomegranates tied with jute are always a favorite and only available for the shortest period of time before they mature.
A natural garland of orange abution, green hellebore and ruscus greenery graces the page.
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