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A Flower Lover’s Flower Shop

Stop by and smell the flowers—and greet your neighbors. After twenty-six years, Freshly Cut has become a fixture in its busy North Berkeley neighborhood. Customers come in for their weekly bouquet or just to chat. Freshly Cut is a cozy neighborhood tradition with a world-class selection of flowers and a sophisticated design team. Like the specialty food markets, cafes, and artisan businesses that surround our little storefront, Freshly Cut combines the charm of the shop around the corner with a cosmopolitan vision and an innovative sensibility in flower design.


Spring flower arrangement in a green glass vase from Freshly Cut

Flower Arrangements

Come to us with your favorite vase or container, and we’ll create an arrangement to match. Alternately, choose one of the many vases, large or small, that we offer at the shop, and we’ll fill it with the perfect accompaniment. Of course, we’re also happy to craft a breathtaking loose bouquet to grace your own home or give as a gift.


Tuesday-Saturday, 10 to 6
Or by appointment for special events

Freshly Cut  ::  1301 California Street  ::  Berkeley  ::  California 94703

510 525-3751

Flowers at Freshly Cut, Berkeley CA

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